As a Teaching Professor in Filmmaking at Notre Dame I currently focus on the Intermediate and Advanced Digital Cinema Production classes using RED Digital Cinema cameras and related equipment.  With a focus on cinematography and visual storytelling, students first learn to craft short films using light, composition, camera movement and no dialogue.  They then move on to the Advanced class where we spend more time breaking down the use of dialogue, subtext in a script, audio recording and directing actors.

I have also taught Acting for the Camera (with my colleague in theatre, Siiri Scott), The Art and Science of Filmmaking and will soon add Visual Anthropology: Practical Filmmaking and Research with archeologist Ian Kuit.  This will incorporate what we have learned during our work in Ireland with regard to history, buildings, landscapes and the people who inhabit them.  Students will tell the stories behind local barns in Indiana.

230 Performing Arts Center - Notre Dame, IN  46556